South Australia's Ambitious Energy Storage Project

Due to the intermittent nature of Renewable energy use of energy storage technologies in association with renewable energy generating systems have gained considerable prominence. Residential, commercial and industrial capacity battery storage systems are now being contemplated for use by renewable energy users at different levels.  While some major names in renewable industry have launched their own brands of suave wall battery systems and powerwalls, state govts and commercial organisations are also looking towards energy systems to mitigate the problem of load-shedding and lower the burden on conventional grid.

Recently a path-breaking decision came from South Australia, where in wake of pervasive load-shedding problem and a statewide blackout in September stimulated the state Govt. to sanction $550 million for SA’s energy future.

likely to spur other states as well in doing something of this sort in future.


The Project

An Energy storage plant is planned to be built in Jamestown and would be world’s largest battery storage plant having a capacity of 100MW. It will be located near the Horns-dale wind farm and would consist of Tesla commercial-powerscale powerpack batteries. The life of the arrays as mentioned by Tesla is about 15 years depending upon how rigorously they are used. The components in the batteries can be replaced if they get damaged, while circuitry is said to last for around 30 years.


The primary purpose that Big Battery will address is providing a more reliable and stable grid to South Australia. The energy prices had been on higher side since the closure of Port-Augusta’s coal fired plant last year. This joint venture by Tesla and Neoen should be able to stabilise and slowly bring down the rising energy prices. Moreover the project is believed to put an end to South Australia’s energy woes and is likely to spur other states as well in doing something of this sort in future.


Tesla’s boss Elon Musk won the bid pursue this project after a theatrical tweet in response to Michael Cannon Brooks where he proposed to fix the energy problem of SA in 100 days. Reputation of his company is at stake as all eyes are on now whether he can walk the talk.