Residential Solar Incentives

At Sunline energy we focus on providing best professional advice to our customers so that they can avail maximum benefit from the Govt. solar incentives and good feed-in tariff rates. Installing solar panels can help your business see positive cash flow and helps you save on hefty energy bills. For homeowners a combination of savings from bill and benefit from feed-in tariff can help you eradicate your energy bill completely.

From 1st July 2017 feed-in tariff rates have gone up to minimum of 11.3c/Kw with some retailers giving rates as high as 14c/Kw. Minister of Energy, Environment and Climate Lily D’ Ambrosio stated that new tariff rates would mean that solar home owners would be fairly compensated for the power the fed into the grid. Since battery systems are very common with the residential systems a higher feed in tariff would mean that the customers could actually off-set their night time usage bill through the credit they receive from by sending electricity into the grid.  Lily D’ Ambrosio asserted and rightly so that this a big win for 130,000 solar home owners in Victoria. The feed in tariff rate was merely 5c/Kw under the previous Govt.

Other Benefits

Some other benefits that a customer can achieve by installing solar are listed below:

  • Reduce upfront costs due to solar rebates
  • Increment in value of your property
  • Immunity from Carbon tax on conventional energy prices
  • Significant return on investment. In VIC payback period in some cases can be as low 5 years.

Energy independence. Possibility of going completely off-grid once payback period is finished, an upgrade to latest battery system at the time would completely make your home independent of grid.