Perth’s tests Australia-first solar trading system in Apartments

White Gum Valley Apartments now feature solar panels and battery storage technology, providing financial benefits for owners, tenants and investors. This is an Australian first and we’re only aware of one other project (in Italy) which has actually done this.

Curtin University Sustainability Specialist, Jemma Green, said that people will be willing to buy or rent apartments which cost a little more if the pay off is a massively reduced electricity bill. The solar panels generate power which is then stored in a communal bank of batteries so that it’s available day or night as required. 

According to Professor Peter Newman, shared power is the way of future. For example, under this model energy produced by your solar panel can be sold to a neighbour at a better price than selling it to a retailer.

This is a simple process of buying and selling power, which happens automatically without any burden to residents. This project is being monitored by Curtin University who is collecting data to help Western Power and national authorities to decide on infrastructure needs.

Sharing stored solar power could help reduce power subsidies. This setup is currently limited to the White Gum Valley Apartments, but this system has a bright future and it will undoubtedly be adopted on a wider scale in near future.

In the words of Professor Peter Newman, “The world is watching - I think that now there are people all around the world saying, they’re doing it in Perth why can’t we?”

Image Courtesy: The West Australian

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03 Aug 2018