The environment: We need to help people move to solar power

We need to help people move to solar power

It must seem illogical, or biased, to the owners' of rooftop solar power systems that "the market operator" may turn off solar power generation during the middle of the day (The Age, 7/6), rather than save the surplus electricity to battery storage for use during times of peak demand. This logical solution would reduce the demand for coal-fired electricity and help achieve the primary goal of people moving to solar power, which is to prevent global warming.

Enough of the never ending, coal-fired pollution

Recently Daniel Andrews proudly announced increased penalties for CEOs who underpay employees and if they "recklessly endanger the safety of their employees". So many good policies from the Andrews government, but not this one: why recklessly endanger folks with never ending, coal-fired pollution in the La Trobe Valley? Doesn't this risk class action litigation?


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07 Jul 2018