Australia has witnessed an exponential increase in Solar power, growing slowly from
2009 and gradually gathering momentum until the present rocketing pace. Public
demand for rooftop solar has led the way and State Governments now recognise
that solar energy is perfect for their growing urban populations and sunny climate.
The global warming crisis, ageing coal power-stations and regulators pressing
harder for green energy caps, have led Powercor to predict an even faster rollout
now in Western Australia. For Powercor, the beauty of solar is that it doesn’t require
the cutting of personal power-consumption in order to lighten customers ‘carbon
footprint’. It is much simpler to change the energy mix to include solar.

Western Victoria electricity distributor, Powercor confirmed the trend in a media
release on 18 May 2020. The evidence is already there it says, because rooftop
solar panels are currently installing faster than ever before.

The power company predicts as many as a third of all homes on its network will have
solar panels in the next five years. However, there is more to this than reliable
energy and green economy. More and more Western Victoria residents see rooftop
solar as a way to sell back surplus energy and subsidise their electricity bills.
Powercor’s Business Model for Western Victoria Consumers

The electricity distributor reports solar panel saturation will grow by 18% during
2020. This already increased 6% by April, with total installations increasing from
142,200 to 150,500.

Powercor’s business plan for consumers envisages 34% of its customers having
solar in their houses by 2026. The current number is 18% so that’s a significant

Powercor’s General Manager, Electricity Networks, Steven Neave says half their
zone power-stations will struggle with undersupply by 2026 if consumers don’t run
with the ball. A combination of demand and aging equipment is starting to seriously
challenge distribution capacity.

How Powercor’s Smart Electricity Vision Will Roll Out

Western Victoria electricity distributor Powercor intends to invest $61 million by 2026
so that customers can export up to 5kVA direct from their solar PV systems and
subsidise their power bills. A range of technical solutions and asset upgrades will
take place on local networks to expedite this.

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Source: Powercor Press Release.