Solar Victoria Portal was closed over the weekend to make necessary changes in the Portal for new ID verification requirements:

What's Abolished:

1. Customers' no longer need to upload the photos of their Identity documnets when applying for Solar Victoria Rebate.

2. It is no longer required to complete facial recognition process to verify identity as part of rebate application.

What's New Update?

1. To prove the identity, applicants can now provide details of any of the below two documents:

  • Driver’s license 
  • Medicare card 
  • Passport (Australian or foreign with a valid visa) 
  • Birth certificate; or 
  • ImmiCard

2. Solar Victoria has also introduced one-time passcode (OTP) feature. Applicants will be sent a six digit passcode to enter at the start of application process. OPT feature not only will maintain the high security around customer applications but will also prevent applications being submitted by third parties.

This new update from Solar Victoria will not only save time for applicatns but also make the whole process easier to get Solar Victoria Rebate to install Solar.

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