Affordable, reliable solar energy continues to roll out across Australia’s most populous garden state. Victoria’s solar panel rebate brings us closer to the end of harmful coal pollution, and the possibility of no more blackouts. 

The Clean Energy Regulator’s validation system aims to make this wonderful green energy more affordable to all residents. And why not, when selling power back to the grid in peak is an integral part of the energy strategy? And the longer the panels last, the better it gets for residents.

How Solar Panel Validation Makes Sure This Happens

The Clean Energy Regulator’s solar panel validation system (SPV) protects the interests of small scale users. It allows them to confirm their systems meet Australian standards, have manufacturer warranties, and qualify for government rebates.

Victoria’s Solar Panel Rebate is Fostering Better Quality

Money is a commodity always in short supply and that goes for our governments too. Australia introduced a solar panel validation initiative to boost consumer confidence and help them make right decisions. This also ensures only approved panels qualify for the government subsidy.

Clean Energy Regulator’s Validation System


Consumers purchasing panels with this validation score in these four ways:

  • The panels are backed with warranties the government has verified

  • Their equipment meets Australian standards for quality and performance

  • The installations entitle them to small scale technology certificates

  • This it turn entitles them to apply for government rebate subsidies

A central electronic database provides solid proof of make and model, serial numbers, date and time of installation and location of solar power systems. 

A new app now allows accredited installers like to update the installation on their phones. This switches on their customers’ rights to claim their benefits under the Victoria solar panel rebate scheme.

Latest Tweaks in Victoria Support for Verified Solar Panels

Money is tight in these difficult times for all of us, and that goes for our government too. Victoria manages the cost of its solar panel rebate system in three ways;

  • It limits the value per rebate to $1,850 per home installation

  • Then it controls the overall cost by capping expenditure per month

  • Finally, it only supports efficient and verified solar energy panels

The kitty was running on empty towards the end of 2019. However, things are looking better for the second half of 2020, with money available for 32,700 rebates. As an added bonus, approved solar panel installations in Victoria also qualify for the national solar rebate under a fantastic ‘double-up’ plan.

Reasons Why Victoria Residents Should Claim the Rebate Now

Inflation coupled to COVID-19 ensures solar panel prices will go up, not down. There’s no guarantee of Victoria’s solar panel rebate system continuing after the state achieves its solar energy goals either. There may be more pressing priorities in future 

These are good reasons for installing solar panels now, especially with summer and more free solar energy coming. 

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