SunLine is shining a light on what we call our 'Community Solar Heros'. We want to get behind them and say thanks!

These are valued customers who have used SunLine Energy's services, installed Solar, and have decided to spread the good word among family, friends, and also to others in their community; and they do it for the good of that community.

We were, at first, slow to acknowledge this growing phenomen. It started gradually with frequent word of mouth recommendations and advice to others about the benefits of solar. Clearly these experienced customers were going beyond just written reviews, and we felt this should be recognised for what it is. A kind of solar sales revolution which appears to be having its own momentum.

You may know them as a friendly neighbour who had assisted you on occasion, or who gave advice when needed, or as a volunteer you see helping out at local events. Often, those who are passionate about their community, care enough to tell others about good ideas which may benefit them. SunLine has been a great beneficiary of this and such recommendations of our services has reshaped the way we promote our product.

Covid-19 has led to many communities setting up on-line forums. These have naturally led to discussions amongst neighbours about local issues and services: unsurprisingly, the best way to reduce bills, is often a topic of discussion and this has generated an unprecedented number of enquiries for us. This is where our Community Solar Hero plays a pivotal role in relating his/her experience and advice. Our valued customers have become our best advocates, and we at SunLine say thank you!