$0 Upfront 6.6kW Solar Package


About the ZNShine Solar Package

20 x 330Watt ZNShine Solar Panels (Monocrystaline) 

1 x 5Kw Inverter (WiFi)  - Growatt, SAJ or Solis

Fully Installed by CEC Accredited Installer & Designer

(Includes Inspections by Energy Safe Victoria Inspector and Certificate of Electrical Safety)

How Much Does it Cost:

Total Out of Pocket Expense - $1850  (After Solar Victoria Rebate)

Deposit - $0

Payable upon Installation - $0

Interest Free Loan - Pay $1850 as interest Free loan with monthly repayments of  $38.54 a Month Over 48 Months Paid directly Via Solar Victoria Loan.


Panels - 15 years Product Warranty & 25 Years Performance Warranty

Inverter - 10 Years Warranty (5 Years plus 5 Years)

Workmanship  - 10 Years Warranty


How To Claim This 'Online Only' Deal:-

1.Redeem this deal by clicking on Redeem Deal button

2. Click on Create Account & Fill in your details

3. You will then be sent an email with your Unique Redemption Code

4. Send the Code along with following details:

Full Name, Contact Details, Property Address & Photo of switchboard & meter box, Roof Type (tin or tile), Meter Number, Number of Phases, No of Storeys.

5. The SunLine Energy Services Team will use their (CEC accredited) expertise to design a solar panels roof layout, specific to your property. This will ensure that maximum energy output is achieved by your installation. We will then email you the details, including a formal quotation.

Redeeming the deal online is NOT legally binding and is only an Intention to Buy. 

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ZNShine Solar


Terms and Conditions

* Available for single storey homes with tin or tile roof
* Only available to approved rebates & loans under the Solar Homes Program
* Available online only
* Surcharge applies for non-standard installations, double storey, switchboard upgrade, regional installations, flat roof installations, 3 phase installations, panel splits and terracotta tiles.
* Price is after Small Scale Technology certificates (STCs).
* Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) must be assigned to Sunline Energy or its registered agents.

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