LG Chem Batteries

Energy Storage System

LG Chem is one of the leading brands available for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in the Australian market. This subdivision of the Korean brand focuses on manufacturing lithium-ion battery cell technology which enables high energy density and enhances the sustainability of the cell structure. 

LG Chem focuses these state-of-the-art energy storage systems to enhance the quality of renewable energy to stabilize the power supply of the PV system. They are meant to be used with the utility grid, thermal power plants, solar panels and/or wind turbines, to fulfill the client house, building or even industrial needs.

The LG Chem battery, as any other battery requires a management system according to its applications to enjoy it to the fullest. This is called Battery Management System (BMS) and LG Chem has developed its own BMS with the “highest level of safety”, through an integrated management system from the battery cell to the entire ESS.



Approaching multiple applications LG Chem offers different solutions for different markets, from utility-scale solutions to commercial and industrial and finally residential energy storage products. 

LG Chem RESU Batteries 

LG Chem offers mainly two line product solutions for the residential market. The 48V line RESU batteries and the 400V RESUH models. 

Both of them are designed to use lithium-ion technology, however, the main difference between them is focused on the voltage output and capacity of the batteries.  

In the 400V line product, there are two models available: the RESU7H and the RESU10H. These products allow you to reduce electric current levels drastically while increasing voltage, which at the same time, reduces costs in wiring and equipment as well. The usable energy storage from these two products is 6.6kWh and 9.3kWh respectively.

This line of products is compatible with remarkable inverter brands such as SolarEdge (StorEdge solution), Fronius (Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter) and SMA (Sunny Boy Storage), among other inverter products that you can consult with your solar designer.

Meanwhile, the 48V line offers a wider availability of energy output possibilities and is more suitable for small PV systems. They are easier to scale up and connect to each other by using the RESU plus which is an expansion kit specially designed for 48V models of the RESU series.  

Also, there are multiple inverters compatible with this product line as the Sungrow SH3K6, SH4K6, and SH5K-20 models. Usable energy outputs vary from 2.9kWh to 12.4kWh

The LG Chem RESU series models are intended to provide both backup and self-consumption optimization to your PV system


The LG Chem’s diversity of products according to the clients need is wide enough as to consider it probably one of the top 3 brands for energy storage in the market. You must also keep in mind that the LG Chem’s warranty guarantees that the battery will keep 60% of its nominal energy output for at least 10 years 

Unlike other brands, the comparison between price, performance, and range of choices puts LG Chem in advantage when compared with other brands and among lithium-ion top energy storage solutions, is probably the most economic one.