Longi Solar

With its product breakthroughs and optimum power-to-cost ratio with revolutionary mono-crystalline technology, LONGi is pushing the solar PV industry to new heights. Each year, the company sells more than 30GW of high-efficiency solar wafers and modules to customers around the world, accounting for almost a quarter of global demand. LONGi is the most valuable solar technology firm in the world, with the largest market value. Two of the company's main values are innovation and sustainable development.

Longi Solar is the cornerstone for PERC solar cells, and its market-leading, high-quality silicon wafers provide excellent performance. Its modules, which are backed by modern technology, have great power ratings and conversion efficiencies and may be employed in various market categories. Its field-tested bifacial modules provide enhanced performance and long-term dependability.

Popular Longi Solar Panels:

LONGi 370W Hi-Mo Mono

  • 12 Years Product Warranty
  • 25 Years Performance Warranty
  • Half-Cut Technology
  • Most Popular Panel
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LONGi 455W Mono (Commercial)

  • 12 Years Product Warranty
  • 25 Years Performance Warranty
  • Low LID Mono PERC
  • Higher Wattage Panel

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  • World leading manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells
  • Offices in North Sydney
  • Tier 1 Solar Manufacturer
  • Supplies Panels to 160+ countries worldwide
  • Been in Australia for over 8 Years.
  • Listed on SHA(Shanghai Stock Exchange)

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