Trina Solar

Trina Solar produces PV products, applications, and services to promote global sustainable development as a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) module and smart energy solutions. Trina Solar continues to advance the PV market by bringing PV power closer to grid parity and popularizing renewable energy through ongoing innovation. Trina's aim is to promote global renewable energy development for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

Trina Solar has been a pioneer within the solar industry and has helped to improve both the technology and manufacturing expertise. They maintain some of the strongest financials in the industry and are also ranked as one of the most bankable Solar Manufacturers. With the global expansion Trina Solar now sells products in more than 100 countries and have regional headquarters in Singapore, Tokyo, Zurich and San Jose along with offices in Madrid, Mexico, Chile, Dubai, Milan, Sydney and massive manufacturing bases in Vietnam and Thailand.

Popular Trina Solar Panels:

Trina 390W Vertex S

  • 15 Years Product Warranty
  • 25 Years Performance Warranty
  • P-Type Technology
  • Higher Wattage Panel
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Trina 415w N-Type

  • 25 Years Product Warranty
  • 30 Years Performance Warranty
  • N-Type Technology
  • Higher Wattage Panel

Trina Solar has delivered over 77 GW of solar modules around the world and is one of China's "Top 500 Private Enterprises." Trina's downstream business also covers solar PV project development, finance, design, building, operations and management, as well as one-stop system integration solutions. Over 5.5GW of solar power plants have been connected to the grid by Trina Solar around the world.

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  • Trina Solar has built its' mega factory in China.
  • Trina Solar employs more than 13000 people around the globe.
  • Trina Solar has broken 18 International Records Since 2011.
  • Trina Solar conducts 200 in-house tests of every panel.
  • Trina Solar has filed more than 1376 patents with 795 patents approved.

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