1.5 million Australian homes with a total capacity of 3039MW have already installed solar panels on their roofs and are benefitting from it. State specific stats of residential solar in different states of Australia are:

States Percentage (%) of Households having Solar
SA 25
QLD 22
WA 18
NSW 10
VIC 10
NT 4

With energy prices rising every year, solar is the best bet to save your money. In today's time solar is a no-brainer. Sunline Energy makes sure that you get best quality solar products at affordable prices. Click to Find Out More

Price Rise Updates


Energy Provider Average quarterly bill before price rise Average quarterly bill after price rise Average % Increase
AGL $621 $722 16.18%
Click Energy $696 $907 30.29%
Diamond Energy $626 $699 11.66%
EnergyAustralia $701 $843 20.18%
Momentum Energy $667 $738 10.61%
Origin Energy $620 $715 15.38%
Powerdirect $612 $722 17.89%
Sanctuary Energy $588 $676 14.98%



Energy Provider Average quarterly bill before price rise Average quarterly bill after price rise Average % Increase
ActewAGL $532 $607 14.08%
AGL $554 $624 12.64%
Click Energy $595 $801 34.48%
Diamond Energy $541 $621 14.73%
EnergyAustralia $558 $649 16.49%
Enova Energy $568 $663 16.72%
Mojo Power $582 $656 12.80%
Momentum Energy $552 $643 16.38%
Origin Energy $527 $606 14.92%
Powerdirect $559 $624 11.75%
Powershop $552 $637 15.42%
Sanctuary Energy $575 $661 15.00%

Energy prices have gone up drastically in past few years. The tables show this typical trend NSW and SA. With a little variation same is true for almost all the states in Australia. The calculations in the table were based on an average 3 people household.

Credit : mozo.com.au

Your Sunline Energy ChargePack

As we have studied that in every hour the sun light reaches onto Earth with enough energy to satisfy global power needs for an entire year. Then why not to utilize it potentially and take control of that energy with Sunline Energy ChargePack. Here's how it works:

Solar Panels Convert Solar Energy Into DC Electricity

Inverter Converts DC Electricty Into AC Electricity

AC Electricity Is Used By Household During The Day

Excess Electricity Produced Is Stored In Batteries

Your Home Is Empowered By Solar

Electricy Price Rise Update

A growing crisis in the electricity market has led to wholesale power prices more than doubling in a year - and rising to at least twice what they were under the much-maligned carbon price.

An analysis by the University of Melbourne's Climate and Energy College, produced for the Greens, found the average wholesale electricity price soared to $134 a megawatt hour in the summer just finished, compared with $65-$67 in the two summers the carbon price was in place.

This year, the wholesale cost of electricity was on the rise with many industry experts pegging the blame on an increased investment in renewable energy and the closure of coal stations such as Hazelwood in Victoria and the Northern Power Station in South Australia.

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