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Canadian Solar has developed to become one of the world's largest providers of solar photovoltaic products and energy solutions, as well as a developer of solar power plants. Canadian Solar has delivered over 63 GW of solar modules to thousands of customers in over 160 countries, enough to power over 14.9 million homes with clean, green energy. Canadian Solar employs over 14,000 people who work tirelessly every day to make our objective a reality.

Customers prefer Canadian Solar because they provide the best value for their money. Superior quality meets market-leading cost structures in their modules and system solutions. And their solar projects regularly deliver the highest output values and ROI.
Canadian Solar Panels’ total projects in the pipeline amount to 20.4 gigawatts. This is close to a third of Australia’s installed electricity generating capacity. It has factories in Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam manufacturing solar modules, solar power systems and associated products. Its total workforce is approximately 12,500 people.

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Popular Canadian Solar Inverter:

Canadian 5Kw(CSI-5K-1P)

  • Wide MPPT Range
  • 33% DC Oversizing
  • High Efficiency upto 98%
  • Support high current PV modules
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  • 2nd Largest Panel Supplier in the World
  • Offices in Melbourne & Sydney
  • Tier 1 Solar Manufacturer
  • Supplies Panels to 160+ countries worldwide
  • Been in Australia for over 10 Years.
  • Listed on New York Stock Exchange

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