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Benefits of Solar Inverters.

An investment in solar electricity can provide you and society with several financial and environmental benefits. Solar system will greatly lower your carbon footprint in terms of the environment.

What is a solar inverter?

One of the most important components of a solar power system is the solar inverter. The energy output from solar panels is converted into usable electricity by a solar inverter, which can then be used in your house or office.

How does a solar inverter work?

A solar inverter takes the variable direct current (or 'DC') output from your solar panels and converts it to alternating 120V/240V current (or 'AC'). Because your home's appliances run on AC rather than DC, the solar inverter must convert the DC output gathered by your solar panels.

Solar inverter warranty

This is a huge deal! Most grid-connected inverters survive 10-20 years on average, and they should all last at least 10 years. Warranties range from 5 to 12 years, depending on the inverter, with certain extension options available at an additional cost. Examine the inverter you want and its characteristics, and consider whether you need a longer warranty than what's available - remember, the longer the warranty, the more protection you'll have.

Is the solar inverter weather-proof?

This is an important factor to consider when deciding where to put your inverter. If it's weather-proof, you'll have a little more versatility in terms of positioning, but if it's not, you might want to consider investing in a weather-proof cage (but will cost extra). The rule of thumb is that the more protected your solar inverter is, the longer it will last and operate.

Is the solar inverter CEC approved?

The Clean Energy Regulator maintains a list of CEC approved inverters, which you should study carefully. It is acceptable and authorised for Australian climates in compliance with relevant Australian Standards, and is of good quality, according to CEC approval.

Do you have any more questions?

We make solar quick and easy to comprehend. Our experts will assist you in understanding what you're purchasing and how it will lower your grid energy consumption. Inquire about any solar panels or other things you're interested in.