GoodWe Inverters

GoodWe is a world-leading manufacturer of PV inverters and energy storage systems that is publicly traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. GoodWe employ over 3000 people worldwide and are ranked as the world's No. 1 storage inverter by Wood Mackenzie in 2020. GoodWe has built a global service system and service centres with the goal of providing global assistance to all customers, including project consultancy, technical training, on-site support, and after-sales service. GoodWe solar inverters range from 0.7kW to 250kW and have been utilised on residential and business rooftops, as well as industrial and utility-scale systems. GoodWe can offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for residential, commercial and utility scale PV systems, ensuring that performance and quality go hand-in-hand across the entire range. GoodWe has also ranked as one of the Top 10 inverter suppliers by IHS Markit and has achieved 6 consecutive TUV Rheinland ‘All Quality Matters’ Awards.

Popular GoodWe Inverter:

Goodwe (GW5000-DNS-30)

  • Wide MPPT Range
  • 33% DC Oversizing
  • High Efficiency 97.8%
  • Multi-monitoring Method
    WiFi , RS485, LAN
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  • Employs over 3000 people worldwide
  • Ranked as the world's No. 1 storage inverter
  • Ranked as one of the Top 10 inverter suppliers
  • Supplies Panels to 160+ countries worldwide
  • Been in Australia for over 10 Years.
  • Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange

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