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Fronius Solar Energy was created in 1992, making it the company's youngest business unit. In the meantime, a lot has transpired. The Fronius Sunrise, the first Fronius inverter, was one of the first important milestones. They have greatly increased and enhanced their product line since then. Simultaneously, they are working on a number of research initiatives, particularly in the area of hydrogen. Numerous accolades in numerous categories attest to their achievement and many years of experience. All of their experience and each initiative brings them closer to realizing their goal of 24 hours of sunlight.

There are significant discrepancies in the manufacturing of inverters, which have an impact on topics like sustainability and environmental protection. Fronius products are made in Austria with conflict-free materials and electricity supplied by our own photovoltaic systems. The system on the roof of the Sattledt production hall is one of the largest in Austria, with a module area of 7000 m2 and the capacity to power 250 houses. Fronius approaches sustainability as a lived reality rather than a catchphrase.

The history of Fronius dates back to the 1940s. Günter Fronius established a basic one-man firm in Pettenbach at the time but they are now a major global company with one of the most recognisable brands in the industry. They are quite proud of their regional roots as a steady family business, and they are still very much tied to them today. Fronius Solar Energy, which began in Upper Austria, today has more than 20 locations across the world.

Popular Fronius Inverter:

Fronius Primo 5Kw 1P

  • Wireless monitoring
  • Open data communication
  • Snap Inverter mounting system
  • Smart Grid Ready
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interruption
  • Data storage up to 25 years
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  • Fronius has 37 subsidiaries on five continents
  • Have more then 5600+ global workforce
  • Sales representatives in more than 60 countries worldwide
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ONR 192500 Certified
  • Been in Australia for over 50 Years.
  • All of Fronius' inverters are manufactured in Austria and come with CE certification.

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