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A virtual power plant is a cloud-based network of distributed energy resources, such as residences and commercial buildings, with solar and battery systems that function together as a single power plant. The VPP provider can pool these installed systems in order to boost power generation and trade or sell power when the electrical market demands it. This generation, storage, and use from connected rooftop solar from households and businesses may be gathered and routed to the grid at the appropriate time and location.

When it comes to connecting a suitable Battery system, it can boost your return on investment. We've collaborated with VPP DISCOVER ENERGY to help you take advantage of this new innovative approach of getting the most out of your Solar Battery Storage system.

What is VPP?

A virtual power plant (VPP), also known as solar battery aggregation or solar energy sharing, is a digitally connected network of hundreds of batteries that send combined energy to the grid at the same time. VPP aids the grid's stability and efficiency, advocating a long-term approach to managing energy released into the community.

What are The Benefits of VPP?

The following are some of the advantages of becoming a member of a Virtual Power Plant:

  • Users are rewarded for helping to sustain the grid by storing extra electricity in their batteries.
  • People's collective reliance on coal power, which is the principal source of electricity, has reduced.
  • Protects the environment by reducing carbon emissions caused by the use of fossil fuels.
  • Because the grid is sustained by your solar battery, further blackouts are avoided. These blackouts occur when there is a large demand for electricity, such as during the summer or when a generator fails.
  • Aids in the development of a contemporary power system that allows for the addition of more renewable energy to the grid.

Who is Discover Energy?

With VPP Cloud-based software, Discover Energy is leading the solar energy revolution by transforming your home or business into a Virtual Power Plant and Energy Trader.

Why Discover Energy?

When it comes to connecting a Battery system to their Virtual Power Plant Network, where your Battery becomes part of a virtual larger interconnected Battery Storage network with competitive Energy plans, 24/7 access to My Account App, energy trading, and more, Discover Energy can help you improve your financial return.

Sunline Energy and Discover Energy Partnership

Sunline Energy and Discover Energy have teamed up to assist their customers get the most out of their solar batteries and earn up to 50% more by selling their stored energy back to the grid.
Your electricity payment will be converted into credits that you may use to offset your gas or carbon emissions cost or cash in up to four times a year with VPP.

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  • Premium solar feed-in tariffs
  • Free re-charging (intermittent service in specific conditions)
  • The DE App with solar monitoring and energy trading features
  • Ability to cash in credits
  • No lock-in contracts, sign up or cancellation fees.

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