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One of the world's biggest inverter manufacturers, SAJ was established in 2005. SAJ was listed by IHS as one of the top 10 global producers of home solar inverters in 2017. Maintaining a focus on technology advancement and client-centered services, SAJ has implemented a globalised market structure and enhanced localised services. SAJ Australia is therefore set up. Sunline Energy is Platinum Partner of SAJ. So you will get exclusive 3 year’s extra extended part warranty and become a part of SAJ loyalty program.

SAJ Australia, based in Melbourne, is a division of Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co., Ltd. (SAJ). SAJ Australia has already established a countrywide sales network in this nation, focusing primarily on the provision of on-grid solar inverters from 0.7K to 50K, hybrid storage solar inverters, AC retrofit battery systems, and monitoring platforms. In the Australian PV market for household storage inverters in 2019, SAJ attained a 25% market share.

SAJ prioritised safety above everything else when designing our products. The specifications of 16 Australian grid operators have been met by SAJ solar devices introduced in Australia. The eSolar Portal, a cloud-based monitoring tool created by SAJ for data monitoring, remote maintenance, and energy management, can be used to specify this safety option. The top insurance company in the world has insurance for SAJ solar devices.

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  • Production capacity upto 7GW
  • Global Top 10 inverter brand for residential use by IHS Markit
  • SAJ has achieved 25% market share of residential storage inverters in Australian PV market
  • One of the largest inverter manufacturers globally
  • Listed on Shenzhen stock exchange

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