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The Sonnen Batteries does not only store energy, it's smart. As an intelligent, backup capable, energy storage system, Sonnen Batterie can integrate into any existing PV system on the market. Gain your energy independence now and hedge yourself against future energy price increases.

At Sonnen Battery Technology department is responsible for the innovation, testing, and battery modules of Sonnen Batteries. They ensure that anything they create at sonnen is proofed against any future advancements in technology from sonnen.

Together with solar panels you can use up to 75% of your self-generated energy to help lower your electricity bills.

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BackUp Supply

When the grid goes off, your Sonnen battery can provide you with the backup power on a dedicated circuit.


Sonnen Battery comes up with an intelligent energy manager, measurement and software technology to operate the system smoothly.

VPP Ready

Your Sonnen ESS battery is ready for the VPP (Virtual Power Plant) and can even get you the higher Feed In tariff.

Sonnen Review

Watch the Video Review on Sonnen 9.53KW Battery .

  • Elegant Design
  • Comes with 10 years of premium warranty
  • Easy Install
  • Manufactured in Australia

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