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QCells storage system is the ideal solution for the environmentally-friendly reduction of electricity costs for private houses and ensure a reliable long-term operation and high output.

Tier 1 solar manufacturer backed by Hanwha Group, a Fortune Global 500 company and 7th largest conglomerate in South Korea. Robust 20+ year history of award-winning innovations and rated as a top module brand for 8 consecutive years in Europe.

They are Committed to community and locally-produced products through the largest solar factory in the Western Hemisphere.

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BackUp Supply

When the grid goes off, your QCells battery can provide you with the backup power on a dedicated circuit.


Enjoy access to remote monitoring using the Q.HOME+ESS web portal or mobile app. View system status, PV production, battery energy, grid consumption, house load consumption, and more!

VPP Ready

Your QCell battery is ready for the VPP (Virtual Power Plant) and can even get you the higher Feed In tariff with Discover Energy.

Explore the Qcells Plans:

Shine Plan

Perfect for higher energy usage households, all electric usage, pool, thinking of an electric vehicle, up to approx. 17,000kWh per year or 47 kWh per day in current electricity usage.

Standard Plan

Perfect for lower energy usage households, with a mix of electricity and gas usage, up to approx 8,000kWh per year or 22kWh per day in current electricity usage.

Spark Plan

Perfect for moderate energy usage households, mostly electric appliances, heating and cooling, up to approx 10,000kWh per year or 28kWh per day in current electricity usage.

QCells Review

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  • Premium quality lithium-ion battery
  • High charging cycle strength, deep discharge and short charging times.
  • Scalable storage capacity from 4kWh up to 18.9kWh

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