As Being Empowered By Light Monthly Supporter, Empowered By Light has finished more than 60+ solar storage projects so far in nine nations. We being a prospective and existing customers of Empowered By Light. A few highlights of there projects are as follows:

Our most recent project was for Hope Studio, which is located close to the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya. The system powers a recording studio so campers can create and share their songs, experiences, and culture. It includes 4.14kW of PV and 13.5kWh of storage. In order to cultivate their own food and help feed the 200,000 refugees living in this permanent camp, they are also studying permaculture.

On the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, we also erected a 10kW PV/19kWh storage system for a community-use building. Muddy Hall serves as a venue for social gatherings, community events, and refuge and aid during emergencies. Eleven tribespeople from the Cheyenne tribe participated in the five days of practical solar energy training. One-third of American Indians are considered to be poor, and 14% of Native households lack electricity.

Sunline Energy is also a part of STEPmber program, we donated $1 for every panel sold. On top of feeling better both physically and mentally, they’ve been able to do something very special for children and adults living with cerebral palsy. As part of this they’ve achieved an amazing result this year. Together, we’ve raised a total of $9,586,139 so far and moved over 15,935,226 km! That’s a total of 400 times around the world!


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