Solar VIC Rebates

The Solar Homes Program solar PV rebate assists eligible Victorian households and rental property owners to install solar panels. Not-for-profit community housing providers are also eligible to apply for the rebate on behalf of the tenants. There is additional assistance offered including no-interest loans to complement the rebate, as well as solar panels for rental properties and solar battery rebates.

Solar Panel (PV) rebate

For homes and landlords who install solar panel (PV) systems, Solar VIC is offering rebates of up to $1,400 along with the choice of an interest-free loan. Householders can qualify for an interest-free loan for an amount equal to their rebate amount ($1400) to further minimise installation costs. The loan must be returned over four years, although it may also be paid off earlier in a lump payment.

Once we've received confirmation that you qualify, we'll submit the rebate claim on your behalf and subtract the refund money from the overall price of your system. Once your solar is installed, you will then pay the remaining balance directly to us.

Solar rebates for rental properties

There are subsidies for solar panels up to $1,400 available, as well as the choice of an interest-free loan. For the installation of solar panels (PV) on their property, eligible rental providers can get a rebate of up to $1,400 through the Solar for Rentals programme, which lowers the upfront expenses of solar while boosting the appeal and value of their rental. To further lower the initial cost of the solar panel installation, eligible rental providers can also apply for an interest-free loan of up to $1,400.

Solar battery rebate

By offering a point-of-sale discount up to a maximum of $2,950 for qualified clients, Solar Victoria is assisting eligible Victorian families with the installation of a solar battery. There are now $1,700 more refunds accessible. Rebates for solar batteries are available in every postcode in Victoria.

The installation of the applicant's solar PV panels and batteries may be coordinated. However, applicants for a battery rebate are only eligible for one Solar Victoria rebate. Under the solar battery rebate, interest-free loans are not offered. The refund amount will be subtracted from the price of your overall system and installation after we submit the rebate claim on your behalf. Once the installation is complete, you are in charge of paying any remaining payment to us directly.

Solar for Business Program

The Solar for Business Program is a programme created to assist Victorian businesses in lowering their energy expenses through the use of renewable energy sources. By lowering the initial cost of installing an authorised small-scale solar PV system up to 30kW inverter capacity, this effort will lower energy costs for qualified enterprises. Over the next three years, 15,000 solar PV incentives will be offered to help Victorian firms.

Rebates can lower the upfront cost of putting solar on a business's property by up to 50%, and there is also the option of an interest-free loan. Businesses are eligible for a maximum refund of $3,500. In other words, the total rebate sum will be limited to $3,500, or 50% of the cost of any qualified system. Business owners can qualify for an interest-free loan to further cut expenditures. Based on the estimate you give Solar Victoria, the loan amount will be determined. The range of loans available is from $1,000 to $5,000. You have the choice of making payments over 12 or 24 months, or you can choose to make a lump sum payment sooner.


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